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America Still Believes in Home Ownership

When that friend or family member balks after you tell him the time is right to start flipping houses – one of the greatest and fastest wealth generators known to mankind – you can tell them Americans still believe in home ownership.


A recent Pew Research Study says an overwhelming number of Americans – 81 percent — still believe home ownership is the best investment anyone can make. Even better, almost as many Americans (76 percent) say they would buy their current home again.

Two more exciting factoids for you house flippers and those who may be still on the fence about doing it:

  • A very impressive 81 percent of renters, given the opportunity, would prefer to buy a home.
  • When asked to grade their long-term financial goals, home ownership and living comfortably in retirement topped the list 80 percent.

Read the full Pew Research Center report here.