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Armando Montelongo—Sometimes, Shit Happens

Yesterday, I was in San Francisco. While most people who teach real estate seminars
cannot get 20 people to show up at their seminars, at Montelongo Flip and Grow Rich seminars, we are seeing 900-1200 per week and are averaging 350 per class. That means I’m reaching so many more people!

My wife says it’s the “montelongo fame” I’ve stirred up from the Flip This House TV Show, and my new book Flip & Grow Rich. What do you think? I thought it was because I’m a smart guy & people know I can teach them some Montelongo secrets.

However, I have to tell you a hilarious story about an incident that happened
in San Francisco today. Sometimes, shit really does happen.

A woman came to the seminar, and she smelled as if she lived in the Cat House.
Do you remember the cat house on my show Flip This House? The house reeked of
cat pee and you could smell it 5 houses away.

During the seminar, this woman pooped herself. Now, fortunately I was not speaking
when she decided to use her seminar chair for a public toilet. However, the speaker
who was talking was shocked and they had to escort the woman out.

We had her checked out and she was not sick (at least physically). I am not a mental
health expert, but in my opinion we did not need to call the hospital, but Dr. Phil.

I’ve got to tell you, I love waking up every morning because every day is ABSOLUTELY
an event waiting to happen.

Take care,

Armando Montelongo, President
Armando Montelongo Worldwide, Inc.


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