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Flip and Grow Rich, the book

I am extremely excited about my first book ever (Flip and Grow Rich) coming out. I must tell you, writing a book is much harder than flipping a house. When I originally wrote the book and finished it after the episode of Veronica For Vice President, I decided that the book was not good enough for YOU! I literally trashed it and went back to the drawing board!

When I rewrote the book, I poured my heart and soul, told my mistakes, wrote about how we went from $50,000 in debt to making millions in real estate and ultimately put real world strategies that you could use to build your own real estate business.

I have literary agents blowing up my phone trying to get me a big book deal. However, I have blown them off for now.

You see, whenever I go out in public, I am asked the question, “Armando, when is your book coming out?” or get statements like, “Your story has inspired me”.

Well, the fact is when you read the entire story, I believe it will move you in ways that will help you build your own real estate business. You see, this book is for YOU!

I am thrilled about the February 28th release date. I must tell you that at this time I have decided against putting it in book stores because this book is about people who really want to make a change in their life. It is hard to have one-on-one contact with those who want to make improvement if I can’t meet them.

Those of you who are members of www.armandomontelongo.com will be the absolute FIRST to receive Flip and Grow Rich. Veronica and I will be signing books for the first 500 and we have some amazing suprises for people who get the book through our site.

In the days to follow I will be sharing content from the book on this blog.

Leave me a comment below and the most interesting blog post will receive an autographed copy of my book Flip and Grow Rich for FREE!

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