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Shadow Inventory Backlog Reaches 46 Months

The “shadow inventory” of distressed properties across the country would take almost four years to clear under current sales conditions, according to a new report.

The Standard and Poor’s Rating Services report, as cited by the Real Estate Economy Watch blog, noted a wide regional variation in the number of overdue mortgages and houses in the foreclosure process but not yet available for sale – the so-called “shadow inventory.”

The national average to sell off the shadow inventory is 46 months, but the numbers are as high as 212 months – almost 17 years – in New York City, 86 months in Boston, 72 months in Chicago, and 71 months in Atlanta.

The totals do not include loans guaranteed by government-sponsored agencies Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Other highlights of the report:

  • In states where foreclosures must go through the courts – dubbed the “judicial” states – the time-to-clear numbers are significantly higher.
  • The value of the distressed mortgages used in the report was $354 billion.
  • In recently completed foreclosures, borrowers missed payments for an average of 2½ years.
  • The first-default rate across the country fell to 0.67 percent in March, the lowest level since May 2007.

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